About Me

About Me

Caroline Bourrit (1992, Switzerland) opens up fields of vision linked to everyday life, conventions, places and narratives. She plays with repetition, déjà-vu, reversals and seeks to shift our attention and acquired. Bourrit questions our relationship to space and our capacity for anticipation and discernment. She creates a dynamic between narratives and social norms, in search of their paradoxes. « Bourrit’s work proposes to thicken the present, through experimentation as a mode of knowledge, as a thought in action and in the making, as resistance.* » Language articulates the whole of her work; through writing, performance or installation, in its potentiality of (de)construction. 

Bourrit is the 2021 laureate of the atelier suisse art residency in Brussels and the 2019 laureate of the Neuchâtel studio at the Cité internationale des arts art residency in Paris. She was part of the curatorial team of Cabane B (Bümpliz, Bern) from March 2020 to August 2022. Bourrit holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary Art Practice, specializing in literature and fine arts (2016-2018 - HKB) and a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (2013-2016 - HEAD), followed by an exchange at the Royal Institute of Art (2015 - KKH) in Stockholm.

* Julie Lang, curator


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